Braiding Salon

Weymouth, MA

Did you know there are hundreds of braiding styles that you can try out on your hair? Did you know that any type of hair could be braided, from straight type 1 hair to kinky 4C hair? Did you know that braiding is a protective hairstyle? If your answer to all these questions was no, then your visit to Binta Africa Hair Braiding is long overdue. We are a premier braiding salon with a team of experienced and professional hair dressers. We use a variety of braiding and weaving techniques to install gorgeous hair extensions on your hair. We have been in the hair braiding and styling business for quite a while now. We have earned quite a reputation in Weymouth, MA area as your number one go-to braiding salon. Treating our customers with respect and dignity has enabled us to maintain a great business image and deliver high-quality services. You can try out such a wide variety of braiding techniques on your hair. Our braiding styles include micro braids, block braids, Marley twists, Senegalese twists, African cornrows, cornrows and up-dos, buns and so much more. We always offer a short consultation session with our hair specialists to help you identify the best style for your hair texture and look. Visiting Binta Africa Hair Braiding is always a treat for our customers. Our salon has a clean, elegant and relaxing interior that is just a reflection of the quality of services that we give. We treat our clients' hair to a relaxing wash, conditioning and moisturizing to restore the natural elasticity of the hair before braiding. If you want to try out one of our braiding techniques, you can call us today for your appointment. We are open Monday through Sunday and you can book a time that is convenient for you.