Sew In Extensions

Boston, MA

Do you want to protect your hair from harsh environmental factors? Do you need an easy and pleasant hair style that can make you forget about hair styling for months? Do you want a creative, stylish and trendy new hairstyle? Braids and weaves offer such great versatility to make every head unique. Binta Africa Hair Braiding is your one stop shop for all your hair braiding needs. We are a professional hair styling salon in Boston MA. We offer a wide variety of hair braiding and styling services to our customers in the area. Our experienced hair dressers have unmatched skills in braiding and weaving different kinds of hair textures. Whether you want single braids or sew in extensions, Binta Africa Hair Braiding has you covered. Braids started out as a dynamic trend in the 90s and have since become an iconic part of hair fashion culture. Today, superstars like Beyonce, Rihanna, Brandy and Janet Jackson gracefully adorn box braids, fishtails, cornrows or even French braids. Braids are great for any age and practically any setting, from a busy day at work to the red carpet at a gala night. Binta Africa Hair Braiding understands what it takes to match the right braiding style to the right occasion. Whether you are preparing for prom, a wedding, an event night or simply your regular work routine, we will transform your hair into a glamorous work of art. Your hair is your crown and we deliver a royal treatment that includes a thorough wash to get rid of any products in the hair, as well as a treatment and conditioning session to moisturize and strengthen the hair before braiding. You can book your appointment at Binta Africa Hair Braiding by calling us today. We are open every day of the week and we are always looking forward to new clients.